Is Low Self-esteem Hard To Deal With?

By Stephen Richards

One of the side effects of suffering from low self esteem is that we try to keep ourselves at bay from new or different situations. As a result, we would shy away from visiting a professional and taking up a self esteem test.

The internet is a source of relief to such people as it provides them with direct access to a lot of information on self esteem and methods of assessing their own self esteem without having to see someone about it. Try the free test further down to evaluate you self esteem.

The first indications of low self esteem can be gauged if you try to keep away from things and are constantly engaged in negative thoughts. If you are avoiding things that you are supposed to do and if you are self deprecating and feel you are not worthy of being loved and do not value self in comparison to others, then its time to go for a self esteem test.

If you browse through the net, you will find specific self esteem tests for children, women, and all purpose tests too. These are slightly different from one another. Some of the tests are free while there are others where you need to pay. The free tests normally give you a rating and also a short summary of ways by which you can improve self esteem.

With a paid assessment, on the other hand, you get the benefit of getting a more detailed analysis of your condition along with specific instructions on methods to adopt to develop a more positive approach to life. They teach how the use of positive affirmations and positive thinking could make you believe in your self more, giving you the assurance to confront your fears and face each day with confidence.

Though these online tests are very convenient and easily accessible, one must understand that they might not be sufficient to deal with all cases and sometime a consultation with a professional might be necessary. Especially in instances when low-self esteem has had some serious ramifications towards the patient's emotional stability, you should go to a trained professional - someone you can rely on.

For those with less severe cases of low self-esteem, there are various tests available on the internet that are sure to be helpful. Before you go hunting for them however, think about the following points in this no cost test:

* Do you have an issue meeting new people and experimenting every now and then?

* Do you believe that you are liked by all?

* Do you think your colleagues look up to you for work?

* Do you remain happy most of the time?

* Are you satisfied with your life or do you look for new things in life?

* What is the strength of your opinion about yourself?

If you have responded in the negative to most of these questions then you probably do not suffer from low self-esteem.

Having a high self-esteem is often considered subjective. We may still have a good amount of esteem in our tank and would be able to carry out our normal duties with efficiency. In such a scenario, you may just have to play around with certain aspects of your personality and that's about it.

You could also make an effort to know how your self esteem is structured and how it develops. This would help you in understanding how your experiences were with your family. Understanding the self esteem aspect is really important as it helps you tackle the issue on hand, admirably.

It has been proven time and again that people who enjoy a healthy childhood, in which they were treated with love and affection by their parents and teachers, grow up to be well-rounded individuals with a high level of confidence. On the other hand, those who are ill-treated as children have high chances of developing a low self-esteem. - 31984

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Time Management Journal: How to Use a Time Management Log

By Michelle Taylor

By using a time management log you will learn how to have a more balanced life. It will answer questions such as where do you spend your time? When are you most alert? What do you procrastinate about?

If you use your time management log effectively - you will be setting yourself up to be in charge of your own life. Your time journal doesn't have to be fancy, a notebook and pencil works just as good as any high-tech options.

Use your time management log each day for 3 - 7 days. To be most effective, your time journal should be simple and easy for you to use. Note interruptions, home activities and work tasks. It is important to write things down as you go, as this makes it much easier to accurately record your days events. A well kept time management log will give you a great overview of how you actually spend your time.

It is your responsibility to use your own journal. It is your own time management tool that will help you manage your time better. Make sure you write in it each day to be most useful. If you want to have a bit more detail in your time log, note priorities. Use a "A, B, C" or "1, 2, 3" or you can highlight different priorities different colors.

Use your time journal to record how you feel when you are most productive. Also note when you do not get much done, how you were feeling and the circumstances surrounding it. Identify what areas of time management you have problems with. Remember to also note the things that you are productive about as well.

A time management log is a big picture exercise. On completion you should have an eagles eye view of how you are spending your time, so it will be easier to then plan how you really want to spend it. Use your time journal to take back control of your life. - 31984

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Platform Boots or Shoes for Women

By Thor Muskreet

Most trends come and go like the altering of the tides. On the other hand, every now and then, there is a pattern that just seems to fill so several requirements that it refuses to die. System sneakers are a prime example of this phenomenon. Initial appearing within the manner scene within the seventies, platform shoes have been once a novelty. On the other hand, their mixture with the practical and the ostentatious produced them an quick hit, and they've been proceeding powerful ever since. Whatever your shoe size or spending budget, program boots or shoes are a manner must for each woman.

The soles of system shoes have an obvious benefit over conventional high heals: they permit the foot to sustain a fairly neutral situation, permitting the leg lengthening properties of classic high heals without all the related knee, hip, and back discomfort.

Most program heels have the toe with the shoe sitting about two inches off the ground, whilst the heel may well sit 3, four, as well as 5 inches off the ground. While this may well appear extreme, getting the toe with the shoe elevated also eases significantly of the distorting effects of regular higher heels.

Each the soles along with the uppers with the sneakers come in a wide wide range of types to suit every need. The soles may be translucent, opaque, or have cut away places to decrease the chunkiness of platforms, even though it really is that incredibly chunkiness that creates them so popular.

The material with the sole might be the exact same as the upper, or it could be a complimentary material. Similarly, the upper may well get on the appearance of your sandal, a pump, as well as a sneaker or dress shoe. System boots or shoes appear good under jeans, skirts, or shorts, and can variety from quite casual to nearly formal.

Thanks for the prominence of lovely, powerful ladies of stature like Michelle Obama, it can be no longer taboo for taller women to put on heels. Whether a taller woman, a tiny lady, or something in between, a program shoe can add each height and confidence to any woman's manner arsenal. - 31984

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Get What You Want In Life By Raising Your Expectations

By Karl Rogan

Have you ever considered how your personal expectations influence what you accomplish? By simply raising your expectations you can accomplish much more. The trick is to know how to push yourself further without going over the edge.

Why raise your expectations?

If everything in your life is just how you want it then you might be wondering why you'd want to raise your expectations. Well, don't you still want more? - By raising your expectations you'll generate the desire to achieve more.

Think about a time when you've expected nothing out of a situation. Chances are you weren't unhappy with the results because you didn't really care, but at the same time you probably weren't driven and fulfilled either.

Having greater expectations will certainly give you a greater chance of achieving bigger things but it also makes you more vulnerable to making mistakes. Don't let these hiccups get you down, learn from them and use the experience to change your approach.

Here are some proven methods to help raise your expectations:

1. Challenge yourself with difficult tasks. Pushing yourself is best achieved by doing difficult tasks. You might not meet with instant success, but this learning experience can be the starting place for doing even bigger and better things in the future.

2. Expand your comfort zone. Staying comfortable is another way of continually playing it safe. When you expand your comfort zone, you open yourself up to new and exciting things. You'll then come to expect more from yourself just because you're comfortable with more.

3. Challenge yourself. Set yourself up with a specific challenge and share this with someone else. If you've publicly declared to do something, you pretty much have to do it!

4. Go on a survival course. A survival course will show you how to get back to basics. These courses are not just about survival skills, you will also learn a lot about yourself. You'll discover your strengths and weaknesses and you can use this self-awareness to challenge yourself in future.

5. Self Improvement. Never pass up the chance to improve yourself, in fact, make it a habit to learn new things. When you do this you will better prepared than ever with the skills and knowledge required to raise your expectations and achieve greater things. You'll also find that new opportunities present themselves in almost magical ways.

Can you see how setting higher expectations can contribute to increased self-confidence and self-esteem. What you think you can achieve is critical, because it is probably true. When you increase your personal expectations you enable yourself to be and do more than ever before.

Remember that your thoughts are very powerful. When you make the effort to raise your expectations, you're also strengthening your self-worth and abilities. You'll see yourself in a positive light and be better able to achieve your ultimate goals.

Try these tips to help you get what you want by raising your expectations, and enjoy the sense of fulfillment that come with doing great stuff! - 31984

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How To Boost Your Child's Self Confidence

By Nathan S. Perez

All would surely agree that it is the confidence and the faith that can take you places in the present times. If you are an adult you surely can't deny the solemnity of self esteem and the role that it plays in your life. However, your child too needs the same self confidence in him/her to grow well in life. After all no-one likes to have their kid, low on confidence. So, it is important to pay close attention to this factor from the beginning itself. Let's take a look at some of the measures that will help you heighten your child's confidence level.

To improve your child's self confidence you've got to stick to the golden rule of the P and the C. The 'P' here stands for praise while the 'C' represents correct. Next time your child does something wrong, try not to nag or scold. Instead praise and then correct her. Children frequently accept correction more definitely when it's joined with a little praise. This simple consideration will help them with their self confidence immensely.

Help your child build up the confidence by reaffirming that he / she is good. Everybody in his/her life has been gripped in the clutches of the inferiority complex. It is the kids who have to battle it the most. It's complicated for a kid to appreciate, leave alone fighting with his / her very own incompetency complex. Only you can help your child surmount any such feeling or consideration. For this you must inform your youngster that he/she is equivalent to other children in all the aspects.Continual praising can help your child come out of any negative feelings. Attempt to restrict your praise as well as this might work against your child too.

Help your child become strong enough to achieve goals. Many moms and pops provoke their children to plan targets and goals in life. However, almost always they don't tell them the ways to go about the same. It's a per requisite to set goals. But, what's most crucial is to take actions that can help you achieve the same. For instance your kid is ready to win a personality contest you can help him / her by telling the several ways which will make the goal a reality. As and when the kid starts meeting the set aims, he / she's very likely to build up the self esteem as well.

Put your youngster in social settings more often. It's great to take your youngster out for social gatherings and parties. Naturally, it can be a little botheration for you but this will have a great impact on the self confidence of your youngster. Being in social settings gives your kid a chance to interact with others. This can help your youngster hone his communication abilities and make him more assured over a period of time.

Finally moms and pops need to appreciate that raising the confidence levels of a child can take time so don't expect instant results. Give your child a little more patience and attention and you are bound to be the proud parent of a confident child. - 31984

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You've Got A Problem With Low Self Esteem, Now It Can Be Repaired Fast

By Stephen Richards

You've been there, tried the hypnotic CD to blast your self esteem skywards and now all you have is the worn out T-shirt as a reminder of that failure. Let me tell you this, it usually takes at least three sessions of expensive hypnotherapy with a one-to-one session with a qualified clinical hypnotherapist to make any inroads into putting back together low self esteem I should know, I am a qualified clinical hypnotherapist! You may even require 10 or 20 sessions, or even months of therapy! That is why such hypnosis audios usually only put a veneer over your problem!

A symptom of low self-esteem is doing our utmost to avoid dicey situations. This is why something like seeking professional help to gauge whether you have an issue with self-esteem is something you may readily avoid. The internet has given you a way of going round this because you can determine if you have low self-esteem issues without seeing anybody as such.

In general, we have to put an eye on our thoughts and behavior but there are some symptoms that ring the bell and tell us that we should think about assessing our self-esteem. Amongst some of these assessments are when we feel unwilling to do or carry out some important thing, when we do not find or see a reason for others around us to love us, when we think that our value compared to others is less. If we felt some, or at least one, of these symptoms, we must stop and think about measuring our self-esteem.

Through the internet, you can get basic self-esteem tests for all and sundry. Each test is uniquely designed for various groupings and gender and some might cost you a decent sum of money, while there are some tests that are actually free. The ones that you can take for free will score you and point to areas where you might need to work on.

Other than those free ones, there are tests on the internet that we need to pay and sign up to take them. Usually they do not only give us a detailed assessment of our self-esteem but they also tell us how to be positive thinkers; they show us how to make a daily affirmation and good kinds of attitudes; they teach us how to develop and improve our self confidence and how to not lose our smile while experiencing new challenges.

As a general rule, it is always better to deal with a professional rather than taking a general internet test, but who can really afford the high cost of this, and over a period of months it could make you bankrupt! When we notice that our children, brothers, sisters, family or friends around us have low self-esteem or have been affected in one way or another, we have to talk to people whom know what they are on about; someone who is trained; we cannot grant our trust to just someone, but we may do if we found someone who deserves to be trusted.

The internet provides a wide range of tests for adults to help them assess their self esteem. Here is a completely free 6 question test, just answer 'yes' or 'no', simple as that:

* Are you comfortable when meeting new people or trying something new?

* Do you think you are generally liked?

* Are you appreciated amongst your work colleagues?

* Do you feel cheerful the majority of the time?

* Do new challenges make you feel excited?

* Do you think your opinion is a valuable asset?

How many times did you answer "Yes"? How many times did you answer "NO"? If you did not score a straight 6 for the "YES" then you have some self-esteem issues! The more you answer "NO" the more issues you have! Sometimes, even if you have answered "YES" to all questions, we need to find out more about self-esteem. However, if your answer to one or more of these questions is a "NO" then sometimes, reading about self esteem and thinking about what we have read can be of help.

We may discover that the level of our self-esteem is not that 'optimum' level that we have to put ourselves at. We may also discover that we just need a little bit of work on our self-confidence, our attitude or our feelings.

Getting a grip on our real level of self-esteem and how it is formed comes from insight understanding. Past experiences we had with our families, with our friends and with people around us while we were growing up is also a good tool that aids developing our self-esteem. Our self-esteem has a rational relationship with our childhood; the quality of treatment we had.

Well, say if there was a way to circumnavigate all those books, tests and expensive therapy to help you overcome low self-esteem then surely you would take that option to finally rid yourself of this nuisance that is holding you back? Now there is an ultimate way to fix low self-esteem without going through weeks or months of therapy. As a former therapist I knew what was needed, and after working with hundreds of thousands of people in dire need of help I was able to pinpoint the exact fix required in order to boost self-esteem sky high. - 31984

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"Free Seven Day Definitive Self-confidence And Ego-Boost Strategy From Cosmic Ordering Coach Stephen Richards"

By Stephen Richards

Affirmations used on their own are not as powerful as when they are used in conjunction with the system I have developed for self-confidence issues and in boosting your ego. What I have developed is superior enough on its own to challenge and overturn numerous conditions of the mind without the use of hypnosis or subliminal messaging.

There is a belief that affirmations are miracle cures, although they are powerful tools if used correctly they can also be wasteful of your time. What use is an affirmation if it is not hitting the area for where it is needed? Now with an up to date technology you can save time and make affirmations work in instilling confidence into you. You will be able to go the extra mile to achieve better things, and even for you to admit your mistakes and vowing to learn from them.

If you just chant or repeat an affirmation inside of your head like a parrot then you will find them to be a waste of time and effort. In order for an affirmation to work it has to get inside of your head and target the zone it was made for. Now all of that is possible through my specially designed "Ultimate Confidence & Ego Boost CD".

In order for you to discover the difference between just repeating an affirmation and how it can be used as a potent life-changing tool I am giving you, at no cost to you, seventy ego-boosting affirmations. Try using the affirmations, say them two or three times daily and then if you use the "Ultimate Confidence & Ego Boost CD" you will see the difference. Pick ten affirmations a day from the list below for the next week. repeat them first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

Day 1

1. I have confidence in myself

2 I count my blessings and rejoice in my growing awareness

3 I can be assertive and still be considerate of the feelings of others

4 I am warm and friendly toward all I contact; I treat everyone with consideration and respect

5 My age is always an advantage to me

6 The voice inside my head will become positive, supportive, and encouraging

7 I am at ease speaking to any size group of people

8. I know that whatever I believe I can achieve

9. I see things clearly

10 I stand my ground when I believe in something

Day 2

11 I will reject "giving up" and meet all obstacles with renewed determination

12. I think I'm a good human being

13 I will achieve anything I put my mind to

14 I have the confidence to go after my dreams full speed

15. I feel deep down that I'm an okay person

16 I embrace the challenges and risks of everyday life, each one making me stronger and wiser

17 I embrace change and growth in every area of my life

18 I accept all criticism for what I can learn from it, using it as motivation to pull out the best I have to give

19. I am my own unique self - special, creative and wonderful

20. My self-worth is a function of my inner being (of who I am) and not what others think of me or how much I accomplish

Day 3

21 I disagree with someone without being offensive or feeling defensive

22 I keep my composure even when others are losing theirs

23 I get people to think in terms of possibility instead of limitations

24. I am faultless in what I do

25 I can see beyond all problems to the wonderful success that awaits me

26 I am willing to fight for what I believe is right

27 I refuse to ever be held back by fear

28 I become immune to the negative effects of fear and worry

29 I eliminate all barriers to effectively asserting my ideas and opinions

30 I dissolve all blocks to delegating effectively

Day 4

31 All indecision is gone

32. I have the power to change myself

33 I see mistakes as the best teachers I could have

34. I can make my own choices and decisions

35 I am free of any habit of putting off difficult tasks

36 I dissolve all blocks to clear, effective communication

37 I am forgiven for being self-critical in the past

38 I accept and embrace all the responsibilities of being a leader

39. It is enough to have done my best

40 I celebrate and share the success of a well-deserved victory

Day 5

41 All anxiety surrounding my responsibilities has dissolved

42 I see all of life's difficulties as learning experiences

43 I know when to talk and when to listen

44. I am a well loved and well respected person

45 I look at big goals as just sequences of small easy to achieve steps

46 I can adapt to any surroundings I find myself in

47. I am free to make my own choices and decisions

48 I give people the knowledge and tools to do their job and then let them do it

49. My high self esteem allows me to accept compliments easily and also freely compliment others

50. I accept others as they are and they in turn accept me as I am

Day 6

51 I expect the best from everyone around I and usually get it

52. All is well in my world and I trade love and acceptance with the world

53. I have high self esteem as I respect myself

54 I encourage people to be creative and solution oriented

55 I positively connect with people on an emotional level

56 I create systems and environments that allow people to do their best

57 I continually develop and sharpen my leadership skills

58 I enjoy the challenge of learning new things

59 I appreciate successful people for what they can teach

60 I can always talk myself into staying calm no matter what

Day 7

61 I have the inner power and strength to deal with whatever life brings me

62 I am a sharp, bright, intelligent person

63 My confidence grows with each accomplishment no matter how small

64 Life gives me in each moment exactly what I need in every situation in order to be happy, perform my life and purpose and grow spiritually

65 I am intelligent and capable enough to succeed in any endeavour which is important to me

66 I place more importance on what I can do than what I cannot

67 I am fit, healthy and attractive

68 Instead of waiting for the right circumstances, I always create them

69. The negative opinions or attitudes of others are worthless

70 I am able to see many ways of solving problems - 31984

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